Your Sales Report and The Order Process

Now that you have some listings and orders, here’s what happens next!

The customer automatically receives a confirmation email with complete order details, including the names of the shops he’s ordered from.

THC automatically receives a confirmation email with complete order details, including all products, prices, and shop names.

The seller (you) automatically receives a confirmation email with only the products purchased from your shop. You’ll want to keep these emails until you’ve fulfilled the order.


Your Sales Report



The Sales Report on your Vendor Dashboard is automatically updated each time someone orders a product from your shop.

This report shows the product(s) ordered, the total quantity for all orders of each product, and the total commission earned by product.

To see the individual orders for each product you simply click the link that says “Show Orders.

If you click on “Show Orders” you’ll see all the orders placed for that product.

When you click on “Show Orders” you’ll see all the information you need to fulfill all the orders for each product.

All of your orders will always be visible on your Vendor Dashboard.  To see orders for a specific day, or to see only new orders, simply select the date(s) you want to show.




NOTE:  When you delete products they disappear from the Sales Report

It’s important to note that when you delete products from your shop you will also delete those products from your Sales Report. Always make sure you’ve shipped all existing orders before you delete a product. (This is why we recommend you keep your order confirmation emails, too.)


Problems With Orders


We’ve been clipping coupons for quite some time and we understand that everything doesn’t always happen just the way you planned. Sometimes coupons just disappear!

If you are unable, for any reason, to fulfill a customer’s order, you must immediately let the customer know via using the “Customer Note” link on their order.

THCM will take over and do whatever we can to make the customer happy, including:

  • Transferring the order to another vendor
  • Issuing a refund to the customer’s Paypal account

And we will subtract the fee for that particular coupon from your pending payments.