Why did my Tags disappear?

You put 24 different tags on your listing!  Where did they go?!

Unlike Categories, each listing may have several applicable Tags.  For example, a coupon for orange juice could be tagged ‘Beverage’ ‘Juice’ and ‘Breakfast.’  So, yes, multiple Tags are allowed.

However, we’ve limited the Tags you can use for several reasons.


You don’t understand how Tags are used

Tags are another way of indexing your listings to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.  A customer may be expecting a new baby and she wants to see all the coupons for baby-related products we have to offer so she’d click the ‘Baby’ tag in the Aisle by Aisle index in the sidebar.

However, if she’s looking for a Similac coupon she’ll be more apt to type the word ‘Similac’ into the Search box at the top of the page because she doesn’t want to look through every single baby-related coupon we have, she just wants the Similac coupons.  When she does that, the simple fact that you have the word “Similac” in your listing title is enough to make it pop up in her search.  So a ‘Similac’ tag is completely unnecessary and you’ve just wasted your time typing it in the box.



Clutter and confusion means ‘No Sale’

We understand you’re using every single available tag on your Similac coupon because you want it to appear in every single search conducted by every single customer.  HOWEVER, having that Similac coupon pop up when she’s searching for a Pop-Tarts coupon just makes our site look cluttered and disorganized to the customer.  She’ll more likely just get frustrated and leave without buying anything.


Spelling errors

Do you know how many ways there are to spell ‘Breakfast’?  We do.  There’s really only ONE but we’ve seen it spelled at least a dozen different ways.  We’re not going to allow mispelled tags on the site, no matter how useful you think they are.  They hurt our credibility.


What Tags Should You Use?

In the right sidebar of every page of the THCM website you’ll see an index titled, “Aisle by Aisle”.  These are the only acceptable tags you can use on your listings.  All others will be deleted so you’re wasting your time typing them in.

If you think there’s a need for a new tag, please feel free to contact donna@thcmmarketplace.com and let me know about it.  If I think it’s a valuable addition, I’ll add it to the site.