Why did my Categories disappear?

Ah, those disappearing Categories.  What are they and where did they go?

You Only Need One!

Categories are like tabs in a coupon binder.  They’reused to file your listings into the insert they came from.  This makes it easier for customers to find that coupon they’re looking for.  If they know it was in the 3/22 Smartsource insert they can click that link – 3/22 Smartsource – and scroll through all the coupons from that specific insert.

We know you’re checking all the Categories because you think it will help increase your sales.  BUT..

Because each coupon you list can only be found in one insert, you should only be checking the box for one category.

When we see listings that have every single category checked we delete all but one category – and it may not necessarily be the correct category.

We’re only thinking of the customers’ best interests.  When a customer clicks that link for the 3/22 Smartsource insert that’s what she expects to find.  If the page is all cluttered up with other coupons that she has to sift through to find what she’s looking for she’s going to become frustrated and leave the site.

It’s also important to remember that we have vendors who sell whole inserts.  If a customer clicks on that 3/22 Smartsource category and sees all of these fabulous coupons she might decide to buy the whole insert instead of the individual coupons.  When she does she’ll be very upset to find that your coupon isn’t in that insert.

So yes, you might have checked 10 or 12 different categories but don’t be surprised when they disappear 🙂