Who are ‘The Happy Couponers’?

Who owns The Happy Couponer Marketplace?

Who manages The Happy Couponer website?

Who is ‘The Man Behind the Curtain’?

The Happy Couponer Marketplace is owned and operated by Jessica Crowe and me, her mother, Donna Anderson.  We have no outside investors, nobody controlling the purse-strings, and nobody we have to answer to.  We’re just a two-person operation, well four if you count the mini-couponers.  Sometimes they have some pretty good ideas!  Out of the mouths of babes 🙂

We make all the business decisions, generally while we’re seated at the kitchen table with a Miller lite in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  However, we are professionals so sometimes we hold that beer and cigarette in the same hand while we flip a coin with the other.

What do we know about ‘business’?

Both Jessica and I have retail management experience, gained well before we started THCM.  We’re well-versed in P & L statements, customer service, sales promotions, asset management and associate relations.  One of our greatest strengths is our ability to think outside the box, which is how THCM came to be.

I’ve also been working online since 2009.  I’ve built more websites and blogs than I care to remember, I’ve sold everything from coffee to fake blood to software, and a few dozen bloggers have paid me to tell their readers how to make money online.

Who is ‘The Man Behind the Curtain’?

That’s usually me, Donna, you’re talking to when you send me your questions.  The vendor emails you receive and the posts you see here at THCM Ninja are from me, too.  You can always reach me at donna@thehappycouponer.com

I also handle everything that goes on with the website.  When you see design changes, banner changes, programming changes – that’s me 🙂

Jessica works a full-time job outside the home.  She and I discuss the Marketplace every morning before she leaves for work and every evening when she gets home.  She handles Facebook and the financial end and I handle everything else.

Jessica sometimes feels left out, though, and she loves to hear from customers and vendors.  So please, feel free to contact her anytime at jessica@thehappycouponer.com  She’d love to hear your ideas and she’s always happy to pass your questions on to me LOLOL!