Which comes first, the customer or the vendor?

Our Top Priorities – Customers vs Vendors

It’s hard to say which is our top priority – the customers or the vendors?

We started this site in July 2013 when Ebay started cracking down on coupon sellers.  We saw that coupon buyers would have a difficult time finding the coupons they were looking for – at reasonable prices – and The Happy Couponer was born.  So one of our top priorities has always been to get coupons into the hands of people who need them the most.

With that goal in mind, it quickly became evident that our customers were looking for more coupons than we could provide.  We only had access to inserts from one tiny marketing region.  We also had the wonderful ‘problem’ of growth – we already had more orders than we could handle.  If we had access to even more coupons we’d never be able to fill all the orders.

How could we get access to different coupons from all over the country, and keep up with all the orders?

The answer was – allow coupon sellers from all over the country to sell their coupons on our website.  After all, they had access to the coupons our customers wanted and, as a bonus, we’d be helping a whole new group of people – coupon clippers who couldn’t list on Ebay anymore.  And that’s how the ‘Marketplace’ came to be.

Since then our customer base has become massive.  It’s clear that our two top priorities – customers and vendors – go hand-in-hand.  If we didn’t have the vendors we couldn’t help so many customers, and without the customers our vendors wouldn’t make any money so they wouldn’t stick around long.

So it’s a fine line we walk, here at THCM.  Trust me, it might seem like some of our decisions are made willy-nilly over beers and chocolate but we understand our bread is buttered on both sides and we take our responsibilities to both our customers and our vendors very seriously.