Use Your Unique URL to Send Visitors Directly to Your Shop

Today I’m going to show you how to send visitors directly to your shop instead of asking them to traipse all over The Happy Couponer Marketplace trying to find you.


What’s Your Address?


If you had a brick-and-mortar shop you’d have a unique address to give to people who want to visit your store to shop. Something like 123 Main Street or 1245 Christmas Lane.

And even if your brick-and-mortar shop were inside a huge mall you’d still have a unique address. You wouldn’t tell people to “Find us inside the Mall of America” because it’s the biggest mall in the country. They could spend days looking for your shop.

Instead, you’d tell them, “Inside the Mall of America, third floor, west wing, across from JC Penney.”

When you tell your friends, family members and Facebook buddies to “visit my shop at” you’re essentially sending them on a wild-goose chase, just as if you told them your shop was inside the Mall of America.

Try it yourself and see. Type in “” and see where you land. You land on our Homepage, a page filled with links, not to mention a big black box that highlights every shop in our marketplace. If you’re Stockpiler’s Helper you customer has to look at 20-some other links before they find your shop and there’s a good chance they’ll be distracted by something else before they find your shop.


Your Shop Has A Unique Address


Every shop in THCM has it’s own unique address. You can use this address to promote your shop and when you do visitors will go directly to your shop and bypass all those other distractions.

This unique address is called a URL (Universal Resource Locator) and every single page, image, and product on our site has one – including your shop.

How do you find it so you can give it to your customers? Glad you asked. Watch this video! And even if you do know how to find it, watch this video anyway because I’m going to show you a cool Facebook trick.


What can you do with your URL?


  • You can paste it in your Facebook status
  • You can also paste the URL from any individual product in your Facebook status
  • You can include it in your email signature
  • You can add it in the box marked “Website” when you comment on other blogs
  • You can put it on business cards