Use your Facebook page for something other than kittens and kids

You’ve probably heard me say I hate Facebook and it’s true, I really do. Unfortunately there are lots of things about W-O-R-K I don’t like but I have to do them anyway.

So, let’s talk about how you can use Facebook to boost your sales. And it’s not as difficult as you think.


You Don’t Need A Facebook Fan Page


If you’re hesitant to use Facebook to promote your clipping service it might be because you don’t understand how to set up and run a Facebook Fan Page. Well, that’s a whole ‘nother topic, but don’t even worry about it – you don’t need one!


Your Personal FB Page


Jessica and I each have our own Personal Facebook page where we follow friends and family, our own favorite bloggers no matter what they blog about, our own favorite news and entertainment sources, and other people or businesses that interest us personally.

We also use our personal pages to communicate with people on Facebook and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.


How To Boost Your Sales With Facebook


Status Updates


Generally speaking, everything you post as a Status Update is seen by everyone who follows your Facebook page. Everything you Like or Share is also seen by everyone who follows you. While you’re sharing pictures of kittens and kids, why not…

Talk about couponing – Face-to-face your family and friends might pooh-pooh your couponing success stories, especially if they haven’t seen you for a while and they have other things they want to talk about. But start talking about your success stories regularly on Facebook and watch how fast you gain their interest.

Share pictures of your hauls – Pictures of puppies and kids are a dime a trillion on Facebook. Start sharing pictures of your hauls, too, and be sure to include how much you saved.

Share links to your coupons at THCM – Every single one of your THCM listings has its own unique URL or link. When you paste that link into your Status Update box that listing shows up on your Facebook page for all your followers to see.

Post your link on Facebook

Note: Copy and paste the link into your Status box. Wait a second or two and the listing will pop up. Then, delete the link you pasted and type in some interesting text telling your followers why you’re talking about that coupon.


Paste your link 1

Paste your link 2



This is the link to The Happy Couponer Facebook page. This is the link to my personal Facebook Page. You’re welcome to follow both if you’d like to see the difference in how I use them. Don’t worry. I don’t post a lot to my personal page and when I do I keep it clean 🙂


Follow That Coupon Blogger


We all have our own favorite coupon bloggers. You read their blog every day but do you visit their Facebook page? You should. Why?

Because everyone else who follows that page uses coupons!

Now, most coupon bloggers won’t allow you to post a link to your coupons on their page. Many of them also won’t even let you talk about your coupon clipping service for fear Facebook will shut down their page or their sponsors will withdraw their funding.

However, they’re always happy to have new followers who will Like and Share their Facebook posts and who will join in discussions.

That’s where YOU come in!

Jessica follows several coupon bloggers for the sole purpose of finding new customers for THCM. Here’s what she does:

Join in discussions – When someone talks about a super deal they found she congratulates them or asks for more deal details, anything to keep the discussion going and get herself recognized by the other followers of that page.

Answer questions – When someone asks a couponing question Jess jumps in with an answer. Mind you, at this point most people who are following this page think Jessica is just another friendly, experienced couponer who’s willing to lend a helping hand.

Make new friends – As you engage in these mini-conversations you’ll see opportunities to promote your coupon clipping service to specific individuals. When that happens, send a Friend Request to that person and chances are, since they’ve seen you posting on that page, they’ll happily accept your request. At that point, you’re able to send that person a Private Message and tell them about that great coupon you have or tell them about your clipping service in general.


Join That Group!


Many coupon bloggers believe they can avoid the prying eyes of Facebook by creating Private Groups. If your favorite blogger has a Private Group, join it. This is where the real conversation takes place.

Generally, if the blogger has a Private Group or Page she’ll have a prominent post on her page – and probably on her blog – telling you how to join. Follow her rules for joining and then be sure you follow the rules of her private page once you get there.


Slow And Steady Wins The Race


Now, don’t leave this page and go try to set a World Speed Record for acquiring the most new Facebook Friends in a single day. It won’t work and you may end up getting yourself banned from the site.

Set aside a half hour a day – or more if you have it and less if you don’t. The most important thing is to be consistent. Take your time and get to know the people on the page and how they communicate.

You don’t want to send out dozens of Friend Requests every day for 2 reasons:

  1. If you send too many Facebook will think you’re a scammer and put a ban on your Friend Requests for a while, possibly forever.
  2. Not everybody on Facebook is friendly. Once you become someone’s Facebook Friend they have the ability to send you Private Messages and invite you into a Chat. Trust me – there are people out there you just don’t want to be friends with.


Your Task For Today


Your task for today is to get in there and start networking on Facebook. (If you don’t already have a personal Facebook Page then I guess that’s where you’ll really need to start LOL)

Go to at least one of your favorite coupon blogs today and follow that blogger on Facebook. Once you LIKE her page you’ll be able to see all of her updates.

Scroll down her page and Like or Share one of her recent posts. Join in a discussion. Answer a question. Better yet – start a discussion by ASKING a question.

The most important thing to remember is – Be Yourself. Don’t try to present yourself as an expert unless you truly are. Don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not. Don’t use any kind of misleading tactics to get someone to click on your link or accept your Friend Request. Don’t try to be sneaky or use heavy-handed sales tactics.

Just interact as if you were having a conversation with your friends and you’ll be fine.