Use Tags to Help Customers Find Your Coupons

At least once a week I’ll get an email from a panicked vendor who clicked on the ‘Laundry’ link and didn’t see his own Tide coupons included in the mix.  “My coupons are gone!  Why aren’t my coupons showing up on the site?”  If you can’t find your own coupons, neither can the customers.  No wonder you’re not getting any sales!

Today we’re going to talk about Tags – Why you should use them and how to use them correctly.  And I bet you can already guess what Today’s Task will be when we’re done 🙂


Why You Should Use Tags On Every Single Listing


First, don’t panic.  If you’ve never used a tag on any of your listings, don’t worry, your listings are still visible on the site.  Customers can still see your coupons.  Tags just make it easier for them to be found.

Tags are just one of the many mechanisms we have in place that help make it easier and quicker for customers to find the coupons they’re looking for.  A customer could just start on the first page and scroll through the entire site but we have over 4,000 listings on the site right now.  Imagine how much time that would take.

Our site is also set up so that the most recent coupons are at the top of the heap, so that coupon you entered a month ago that’s suddenly become HOT is somewhere in the middle of the pile, buried under tons of other coupons.  If you’ve ‘tagged’ that HOT coupon it’s much easier for the customer to find it.

About 30% of the customers who search our site use the Aisle by Aisle links to help them find what they’re looking for.  Those Aisle by Aisle links are the tags you should be using on your listings.  They’re like those signs that hang from the ceiling at the end of the grocery store aisle.  They help sort your listings so customers can more easily find what they’re looking for.


And if you don’t use tags, here’s what happens…


A few dozen customers come to THCM looking for candy coupons for Halloween today.  They all click on the link for ‘Candy’ under the Aisle by Aisle heading.   They’re not looking for any particular candy coupon, they just want to see what we have to offer.

You have a very attractive moneymaker $5/1 Snickers Snack Size coupon and nobody else on the site has it.  Yet, all those customers are buying all the other vendors’ $1/2 coupons and not even looking at yours.  Why?  Because you didn’t use the ‘Candy’ tag so those customers aren’t even seeing your coupon.


Only Use Appropriate Tags


It might seem logical to use as many tags as possible to make your coupons show up no matter what link the customer clicks on, but if you don’t use appropriate tags, here’s what happens…


Imagine you’ve gone to the grocery store to pick up some baby food.  You see the sign at the top of Aisle 12 that says “Baby Food, Diapers, Formula” so you head down aisle 12.  But the aisle is a jumbled mess of pasta sauce, chips, lunchmeat, hair color, shampoo, deodorant, cake mixes and big bottles of juice, with a few cans of formula and some baby food tossed in just to make it look good.

Even if you weren’t in a hurry you wouldn’t take time to move everything aside so you can find that one jar of Gerber strained peas that’s buried under the pile, you’d leave that store empty-handed and go somewhere else.

The same thing happens when you tag your V8 Juice coupons with ‘Baby’ and then toss in ‘Beverage’ ‘Juice’ ‘Grocery’ ‘Beauty’ ‘Feminine’ ‘Hair Care’ and ‘Yogurt’.  When the customer goes to the ‘Baby’ aisle to find those strained peas she’s going to see you V8 Juice clogging up the aisle, making it difficult for her to find what she’s looking for.  In fact, your V8 coupon is going to be cluttering up several aisles since you’ve tagged it with every tag imaginable.


How to Tag Your Listings


I could type this all out to explain it but you’re probably tired of reading.  It’s easier to show you with a video.  So here goes…

Your Task For Today


Add tags to all your listings.

If you’ve been tagging your listings all along, check them today.  Many listings can fall under multiple tags. Have you used all the tags that are appropriate for each listing?

Delete inappropriate tags.  Now that you know you’re clogging up the aisles, do your part to clean up the mess. Remove inappropriate tags that only serve to make it difficult for customers to find what they’re looking for.


Time-Saving Tip


Don’t waste time typing in tags that aren’t included in the Aisle by Aisle list you see on the homepage.  Those are the only tags the customers will see, so anything else you type is just a waste of valuable time and energy.