The Number One Way to Reduce Customer Complaints and Refunds

You might think that handling customer complaints and issuing refunds are just part of the business, something every business owner has to deal with, and that they’re not something you can control.  Well, you’re wrong on both counts.  Let me tell you why you don’t want those complaints and refund requests and what you can do to minimize them.

How Complaints and Refunds Hurt


They hurt your credibility


Even if you handle that complaint quickly or issue the customer a full refund with no questions asked, there will still be a little black cloud hanging directly over your shop the next time that customer visits.  She might spend money in your shop again, but if she does she’s going to closely scrutinize everything, every step of the way.   And heaven help you if you make a mistake again or the Post Office decides to take a few extra days to deliver.


They hurt your productivity


We handle all the customer complaints for the entire site and let me tell ya, there are days I don’t get anything else done.  If you’ve noticed a drop in the number of newsletters going out, now you know why.

We clip very few orders these days but I see how many orders are going across your desk.  I also see how many times I have to contact vendors to resolve customer problems.  How much more could you be doing to promote your business if you didn’t have to spend time resolving problems and issuing refunds?


2 Tips to Eliminate Complaints and Refund Requests


Over the past 2 weeks I’ve issued 15 refunds and all but 1 would never have happened if the vendor did this:


Double Check the Coupon Value in your listing – Don’t hit publish until you look at the coupon and look at your listing ONE. MORE. TIME.

Double Check the Coupon Expiration Date in your listing – Don’t hit publish until you look at the coupon and look at your listing ONE. MORE. TIME.

These two typos are the two biggest reasons for customer complaints and refund requests and if you think about it, eliminating these two mistakes would almost completely eliminate all customer complaints because there’s really nothing else for them to complain about other than delivery times and that’s one thing we can’t control!