TDTDYS Day 9: Use Eye-Catching Images

Listing imagesIn yesterday’s Challenge we talked about creating a strong visual brand using a logo and formatting to make your shop memorable. Today we’re going to talk about the images you use in your listings and how these images can also help your sales.

What you already know

We’ve already talked several times about image sizes. The images you use in your listings should be 500 x 500 pixels – no more and no less. This just helps the site load faster for our customers.

We’ve also already published a couple of videos to help you: How to easily create 500 x 500 images that meet our criteria and More image help: How to easily find images for your listings. Both videos can be found on our How-To Videos page.


Things you may not already know


We don’t care if you use images of the actual product, the product logo or if you use images of the actual coupon. You can even use your shop logo for the listing image if you want to, as some of our vendors already do. As long as it’s been reduced to 500 x 500 pixels you’re good to go.


How to attract more attention with your images


Fill up the white space


It’s important to remember that, while the customer sees your full-size 500 x 500 image when they click through and view your listing, our customers typically browse the site first, looking for listings that attract their attention.

From the “Shop” page, where most customers start, your images are automatically reduced in size to only 200 x 200 pixels, which is less than half the size.

So, if you start with a small small picture in the middle of your 500 x 500 image, it’s going to be even smaller once it’s reduced.


Here’s an example of an image that makes good use of the whole 500 x 500 area:

Good image

And here’s an example of an image that doesn’t:

Bad image


As you can see in the second example, that thumbnail image is going to be almost invisible to the customer.  It won’t attract any attention at all.


Using Coupon Images in Your Listings


If you are successfully using coupon images in your listings, more power to ya!  Personally, I think they’re a huge waste of time.

You have to take the picture and resize it just like using product images, but you also need to crop the coupon first, something most aren’t doing.  The coupon is either shown sitting in the middle of a wide expanse of your dining room table or it’s cropped to the point where you don’t see any of the details anyway or you can’t see them because they’ve been reduced so your image fits the 500 x 500 rule.

And let’s face it – Some of those coupon images are just… distorted, to put it kindly, and if we were professional photographers we wouldn’t be clipping coupons.

To each his own but you’re here because you want to learn how to increase your coupon sales.

Try cropping your coupon images so the most important elements make it into the picture – the product image, the deal, and the expiration date.  Or try using product images for a week or two and see if your sales increase.

My point is, the images in your listings have an important influence on your sales, so if you want to increase your sales, try something new with your images.