Sunny Savings wins the ‘Beat Your Personal Best’ contest!

Congratulations to Julie at Sunny Savings!

Julie won the First Place prize in the ‘Beat Your Personal Best‘ Contest Julie beat her own personal best by 21.65% during Round 1 and then beat that new personal best by a whopping 89% for Round 2.

We knew you’d want to know so we asked Julie how she did it so we asked her 3 big questions…

Did you do anything different during Round 1?

Not really different for round one but I did get extra inserts from my Supplier and started picking them up Monday instead of Tuesday and tried really hard to get all the coupons listed on the site.  I figured if they weren’t listed, they wouldn’t sell.

I keep a spreadsheet every week so I can see all orders and my totals for the week at a glance.

I found sales links and deals and posted them on my SS Facebook fan page.

Did you do anything different from Round 1 during Round 2?

For round two I ordered from two suppliers instead of one, so basically had double the inserts even though there was just one SS. It did help that one had regional coupons, which have sold pretty quickly.

I also checked my pricing. I lowered the close to expiring P&G down a few cents and made my new listings affordable but not rock bottom. I found out that you don’t have to have the cheapest listings to sell them, as long as they are affordable where customers still feel they are getting a good value.

I stayed up late and got them all listed up Monday night

What are you going to do now that you know what you CAN do?

Unless the deal is EXtremely good, I will never buy inserts sight unseen. I had one supplier that sold them fairly cheap, but never provided any info on what was in them. BAD idea. They kept getting smaller and less coupons so I stopped using him and moved to someone local.

I’m going to try and get all coupons listed within the first day or two of getting my inserts. That seemed to be the biggest help in getting the sales. (Obviously people can’t buy what they can’t see)

Extra Tip

The reason that I have been offering FREE shipping upgrades to people with orders over $10 is two-fold. One, it gives me a tracking number on a higher dollar order just in case a buyer is less than honest and tries for a refund. I can prove when and where they were delivered. Two, I knew that people shopped less in the summer and I wanted customers to feel like they were getting something “Free” when they ordered to entice them into spending more in one shop.

That’s all, nothing spectacular or different really, just an attention to detail and paying attention. 🙂