Run a First Time Buyer Audit on your shop

You know yourself that it’s difficult to save money when you shop at a store you’re unfamiliar with. You also know that once you become familiar with that new store you save just as much money – or more – as you did at your old favorite store. The problem is convincing yourself to take the leap and step outside your comfort zone.

Convincing a coupon-buyer to visit your shop when he normally shops at a different website, or attracting some of the visitors who frequent other shops at THCM, is a lot like that new grocery store down the street trying to get your business. That store manager knows he’s asking you to step outside your comfort zone. As your store’s manager, you need to understand the same and make the transition as painless as possible for that new customer.


Step Into The Buyer’s Shoes


Take a tour around your shop description and seller info areas, and then look at each and every one of your listings. Pretend you’ve never seen your shop or THCM before, you’re a first-time visitor. What do you see?

  • Have you impressed your first-time visitor with a nice shop logo?
  • Have you clearly defined your shop’s strengths?
  • Have you clearly given that first-time visitor a reason to shop with you?
  • After seeing and reading your shop description, would you shop here if you were a first-time visitor?
  • Will a first-time visitor understand the abbreviations you’ve used in your listing titles?
  • Have you given the buyer all the information he needs to make an informed decision? Can he see it?


Will a first-time buyer know:

  • How many coupons he’s getting for his money
  • The coupon expiration date
  • All the manufacturer and store limitations for that coupon


Conduct a First-Time Buyer Audit On Your Shop


You’re going to need some help with today’s task. Grab a friend who’s never seen your shop before and sit her down in front of a computer.

Have you friend go to the homepage ( and tell her you’d like her to go to your shop. Don’t tell her how to get there. You want to see if she’s able to find it on her own.

Now, watch as she navigates the site. Unfortunately, you don’t personally have much control over how customers find your shop from the homepage. You do, however, have control over what happens once they hit your shop and what happens once they arrive on your listings. These are the two areas you need to focus on.

Once your friend arrives at your shop, is there anything in particular that captures her attention? Why? And most important – is that what you wanted her to see?

Ask her to find a specific coupon in your shop and then watch how she searches. Was she able to find it? If not, why not? Did you spell it correctly? Did she spell it correctly? If she can’t easily find your listings, maybe you need to read this post.

Ask her if she has questions about any of your listings. Does she understand your abbreviations? Does she understand how many coupons she’ll receive? Does she see the coupon value and all of the limitations?

And now for the most important step: After you’ve conducted your audit, make the necessary changes!