Refund Policy Changes 10/27/2014

Issuing refunds is a part of any business and we understand mistakes happen. However, every time we give a customer a refund we have to wonder if we’ve really made that customer happy. She came to us looking for coupons and for whatever reason we didn’t meet her expectations. We may have refunded her money, but Will she be back again? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on how badly she wanted those coupons.

And when that customer decides she’d rather go to a more reliable clipping service she’s not just turning away from your shop, she’s turning away from every THCM vendor and the entire site.

What’s causes refunds?
1. Inaccurate listings: Wrong expiration dates, wrong coupon values, didn’t say Do Not Double, or Limit 4, etc
2. Inaccurate clipping: Shipped the wrong coupon, shorted the order, clipped off the expiration date or bar code
3. Inaccurate shipping: Shipped to billing address, didn’t include apartment number, typo in zip code

In an effort to improve customer service and reduce refund requests, we’re instituting the following changes immediately:

When we issue a refund we currently only deduct the commission you earned on that order. Beginning immediately, if you have more than 3 refunds in a week, each additional refund will be deducted from your balance at the full sale price. For example, instead of deducting just $2.58 for a $3 order, we’re going to deduct the full $3.

If you have 4 – 6 refunds during the month we’re going to deduct the full sale price plus an additional $.25 for each additional refund.

More than 6 refunds and we’re going to take a closer look at your listings and your account to see how we can help you provide a better experience for our customers.

Important: Please start marking your order “Shipped.”  For orders that get lost in the mail, we typically eat the refund. Orders without a vendor note will automatically be charged back to the vendor if we have to issue a refund.

It’s important to understand that your shop is one part of a whole and when customers order from you you’re representing the entire Happy Couponer Marketplace.

When our customers go to their Facebook pages and talk about us, they don’t mention the name of the shop they ordered from – they mention “The Happy Couponer”.  Jessica has been working to build our Facebook following and it’s definitely bringing in more traffic. But it only takes one bad word about The Happy Couponer from one disgruntled Facebook folllower who has a few thousand friends and all of our hard work goes out the window – for ALL of our vendors.