Pricing your coupons: It’s not all about the price

This is gonna be a long one, but you asked for it. And let me start by saying it’s entirely up to you how you package and price your coupons. You are not “working for” The Happy Couponer.  It’s your business – run it however you want.


Promote Your Shipping Location

When we order coupons from another service one of the first things we look at is their location so we can make sure we’ll get our coupons in time for the sale. So one of the first things we did at The Happy Couponer was promote the fact that we ship from Columbus, Ohio.

Include your geographical location in your shop description. Go a step further and include what types of coupons you normally list – Smartsource, Redplum, P&G, store coupons, store gift cards, etc. Every region has its own unique coupons and promotions and it’s those unique offers that attract customers from all over the US.


Promote Your Shipping Times


One of our competitors sends out an email every day that says, “It’s almost 11 o’clock – Get your orders in NOW if you want them to ship today.” She irritates us immensely so we set a 1 o’clock cut-off time just to piss her off and we talk about it EVERYWHERE. (She doesn’t know WE know she subscribes to our newsletter!)

If you clip and ship 24 hours a day – TELL people about it! It’s a HUGE selling point.


Use Your Product Descriptions


Trust me, I know how time-consuming it is to list all those coupons and I know you want to get them up fast. But after you’re done you can go back and edit.

Include a link to similar coupons in your shop

Include information about deals related to that coupon

Include promotional language, like “Top Seller” or “Hot!” or “Going Fast!”

It’s YOUR shop and those are YOUR listings. Do whatever you want. We only ask that you limit yourself to one image per listing, don’t mislead buyers with promotional hype, and no off-site links.


Get Creative


Wanna know why we do those silly Coupon Grab Bags? Because they add a full $1.03 PROFIT to the order every time someone buys one and they take just minutes to put together.

Get creative with your Lots and Bundles and have some fun with it. We have some wonderful, fun-loving customers who jump on anything goofy we put up. Let us know what you’re doing and we’ll promote the heck out of it!


Consider Breaking Up Those Bundles


Look at each coupon and think about how many the average consumer would use. Is someone really ever going to buy 20 boxes of Ex-Lax? Probably not. But they might buy 5.