Now It’s Even Easier to Find the Right Tags!

New feature just added to site this morning – 1/30/17.

Now it’s even easier to find the right Tags!

With the addition of hundreds of new Tags for vendors to use to make it easier for customers to find your listings, the next question became…

How in the heck are vendors supposed to find the Tags?!

In less than a week we’ve jumped from 53 Tags to more than 240, and I’m sure we’re going to be adding quite a few more over the next few months.  If you don’t know what Tags are or why they’re so important, read this post:  Use Tags To Help Customers Find Your Coupons.

If you already know more than you care to know about Tags and why you should use them, skip that and watch this video.   We’ve just this morning added a new feature to the site that’s going to make it easier for you to determine which Tags you should use.  

I’ll show you two ways to quickly find the Tags you need for your listings.