No Time? Eliminate Distractions

Surprisingly, over the past week or so, I’ve had 4 different sellers tell me they’d have more sales if they only had time to list all their coupons.   I guess I can imagine a few scenarios where you just couldn’t carve out enough time to type up the new insert, but in most cases it’s a matter of staying focused on the task at hand.  Here’s how I do it.


Eliminate Distractions


I know this is an unpredictable business.  If you’re like us, you never know exactly when you’re going to get your new inserts and this makes it difficult to set aside a block of time to devote to this task.

While it helps to drop everything and upload those coupons the second those inserts arrive it’s not always possible and it’s not really necessary.  What is necessary is a block of uninterrupted time so you can get ‘er done!

It might seem like it takes you days to upload all the coupons from one new insert but if you pay attention to the clock you’ll probably find it’s really just a few hours when you add it up.  The problem is, you never just sit down and get it done because you’re constantly allowing yourself to be distracted.


Potential Distractions




When I get ready to upload the new insert I go into my ‘office’ and shut the door.  This lets everyone else in the house know I’m not to be disturbed under any circumstances.  Don’t ask me if I want dinner.  Don’t bring me the phone. Don’t ask me if you can ride your bike.  Don’t bother me unless you’re bleeding – profusely.




I don’t have a cell phone and I’m fine with it.  In my opinion the telephone was invented so I could call You, not the other way around.  Turn your cell phone off.  You’re not going to be disconnected from humanity for the rest of your life.  It’s only going to be off long enough for you to enter your coupons.




I constantly have 2 different email accounts open on my computer – until it comes time to upload the new insert. Then I close ’em down so I’m not tempted to look because once I look I feel compelled to answer the questions and then I never get back to my listings.




Turn it off.  It is impossible for even the most driven human being to be in the same room with a television and not watch it.




Shut it down.  It’s even worse than watching your email!


Organize Your Work Space


I work on a laptop.  I have one of those long folding tables that I picked up at Big Lots for $20.  This table is large enough for me to open the insert next to my laptop and still have plenty of room for my laptop, a lamp, an ashtray, my beer and some munchies.

On that table I also have an adjustable desk lamp that I can bend so it’s aimed right onto the insert so I don’t have to squint to read the coupons.  I also have a second pair of reading glasses for the teeny tiny print and they never leave this table.

On my laptop I have 2 pages open:  The page where you enter your new listings and a page where I can Google around for images.  (Typically, I have at least 10 pages open at all times, sometimes as many as 40!)  I also have one program open – my image editing software.


Set a Time Limit


As you’re entering your listings look down the right side of the page that shows all your products.  You’ll notice there a time stamp on each one.  I allow myself 5 minutes per listing but my average is only about 3.  I have, on more than one occasion, entered as many as 150 new listings in one day.

It also helps to set a time you plan to be finished.  Don’t tell yourself, “I’m going to sit here until it’s done!”  Tell yourself, “I’m going to have this job finished by 6 PM so I can watch “Modern Family!”


Take a break


When I find myself starting to slow down I take a 10 minute break.  Get up and walk around.  Let your eyes focus on something in the distance for a few minutes.  Drink a glass of water.  Go potty.  And get back to work!


What if you can’t?


Maybe you have obligations that require you to be on call for work, family or friends and it’s impossible to completely isolate yourself long enough to get your listings up.  If that’s the case, plan to work when you have the least amount of distractions.  I get up betweet 2 and 4 AM every day so I can work while everyone else is still in bed.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with no distractions.


A HUGE Distraction You Probably Haven’t Even Considered


Listing on other sites


We know you do it and it’s entirely up to you.  But every minute you spend on Ebay and CFM is a minute you’re not spending listing your coupons here.  So your excuse isn’t that you don’t have enough time, it’s that you don’t have enough time left over for THCM.


Your Task for Today


Set up a workspace, eliminate all distractions and list every single coupon in the insert.  No excuses.  Git ‘er done!


Why You Need To Get Those Coupons Listed


Our top selling vendors are bringing in over $300 and $400 a week in commissions and sales have been pretty slow lately.  On better weeks they bring in over $500 and on good weeks we’ve had some bring in $1000 and $1200 in one week.

All of these vendors have a minimum of 200 listings on the site at any given time.  Right now, the top vendor on the site has 623 listings, followed by another with 400 listings.

The more coupons you have listed on the site the greater your visibility which helps increase your sales.  So if you only ‘have time‘ to list 10 or 12 coupons, it’s no wonder you’re not seeing the sales.  The customers aren’t seeing your coupons.