New Shop Features Coming 4/13/15! Build Your Brand and Increase Awareness

On Monday, April 13, 2015 we’re going to make a couple of new features available for THCM vendor shops to help increase customer awareness and build your business.  We’re excited about these features and we think you will be, too.  The programming is all in place.  All we have left to do is flip the switch!


NEW!  Shop Headers on every listing!

You’ve always been able to put your own custom header on your Shop page but now that header will appear not only when customers view your Shop page, it will also appear at the top of every listing.  Customers will always know who they’re buying from and just how wonderful YOU are!

Along with being able to see your Shop Header on every single listing, customers will also be able to see any information you entered under “Shop Description” on your Shop Settings page.



NEW!  Shop Description on every listing!

Once we push the button your Shop Description is also going to be visible at the top of every single product in your shop.  Again, this will help increase customer awareness and help grow your business.


Seller Info Headers on every listing!

Your ‘Seller Info’ has always been visible on every single product.  All you need to do is enter the information in the ‘Seller Information’ box on your Shop Settings page.  Now, you can even include a banner for increased visibility!


What This Means to YOU

Once we flip this switch on April 13, these changes will come into play site-wide.  Whatever you have typed into your ‘Shop Description’ or ‘Seller Info’ areas will appear not only on your Shop page but on every single listing in your shop.

Whether or not you want to spiff up your shop in preparation for these changes is up to you, but why not take advantage of the situation and use this as a selling tool.  You have the opportunity now to brand your shop and each of your listings.  You have an opportunity to put content on every single listing that tells customers what sets your coupon clipping service apart from the others and why they should buy from YOU.


Banner Sizes

Shop Header size requirements – 750 pixels wide X 100 pixels tall

Seller Info Header size requirements – 370 pixels wide X 100 pixels tall

Promo Banner size requirements – 750 pixels wide X 100 pixels tall

Placeholder Image size requirements – 500 pixels wide X 500 pixels tall


Change Your Headers Whenever You Want

All headers and promo banners are uploaded from your own Shop Settings on your own Vendor Dashboard so you can change them whenever you like.

Use Promo Banners to promote a sale across your entire shop or change them every day (or every hour!) to link to specific listings you want to promote!