Important Image and Listing Title Information for THCM Vendors

Our site is coded for images that are 500 x 500 pixels square. Anything more or less, even one pixel, forces the site to work harder to render the image which makes the page load slower for the visitor.

If a visitor has to wait too long for the page to load they just go somewhere else – especially if they’re a new visitor and don’t realize that THCM is worth the wait 🙂

The search engines see this slow load time. They also see when visitors leave our site because of the slow load time. And they move our site farther down in the search results.


I am NOT trying to make every listing look the same. I don’t care what image you use for your listings as long as it’s relevant. If a picture of Spongebob Squarepants helps your sales, then go for it!


You’re still welcome to use your own images, including images of the actual coupon.


However, your listings will look a lot nicer – and be more successful – if they meet the following criteria:

  • All images must be exactly 500 x 500 – No more and no less. Yes, it’s 500 x 500.
  • All images must be titled with the name of the product and the word ‘coupon’. Long strings of numbers that come from your editing software are unacceptable to the search engines.


Other Image Guidelines:

  • Only one image per listing
  • No extra images inside product description boxes
  • You may not use images of the actual coupon unless you take the pictures yourself. Do not use coupon images that belong to another vendor.


We have at least a dozen new customers buy from us every day. These new customers especially are unfamiliar with our site so we need to make it as easy as possible for them to purchase.



Listing Titles

You can see a full break-down of how your Listing titles must appear HERE on this post.

Your titles must include:

  • The entire coupon value: If it’s $1 off 2 then you must state this in the title. Most of our new customers don’t know to scroll down and read the description for details.
  • The entire name of the product: “Stouffer’s coupon” isn’t enough. Stouffer’s what? Entrees? Stuffing mix? What’s the coupon for?
  • The complete expiration date: mm/dd/yyyy
  • Do Not Double: If the coupon says “Do Not Double” please put “DND” somewhere in your title.


Your titles may NOT include:

Special characters: Asterisks (***), Periods (…) Extra dashes (—) Exclamation points (!!!) etc. All of these special characters are distracting for the reader and, most important, they may prevent your listing from showing up in the search engines. Some crawlers stop when they hit a special character.