HUGE News! Now You Can Delete Images and Clean Up Your Image Library!

You’ve been asking for this feature for a long time and now you have it!  Now you can delete all those old images in your library!


Watch these video to see just how easy it is!


And I bet you know what’s coming next…

Please clean up your media library

We have almost 20,000 images on the site and only 5,500 published listings. That means there are a LOT of images that aren’t being used but they sure are cluttering up the site.

I understand that many of you re-use your images and that’s perfectly fine.

Please delete any images that you no longer use.

If you use pictures of the actual coupons then you definitely need to delete the images you’re no longer using. Those pictures can not be reused because they show the expiration dates.


And while you’re at it…


Please clean up your listings

Please delete all listings that expired on or before 9/20/2016, including Out of Stock listings and Draft listings.