How to Reduce Refunds: Send every customer a Love Note

Did you know our system provides you the capability of sending a little love note to each and every customer who orders from you, every time they order?  It does, it’s easy, you should do it and here’s how it works!

Your Orders Report


Send every customer a love note

See that little ‘Comments’ link?  When you click it, a box pops open, like this:

Send your love note here


All you need to do is type in your message and click the ‘Add Comment’ link.  You message goes out to your customer immediately, via email.


Why you should send all your customers a love note


It lets the customer know her coupons are on the way


Many customers, especially first-time buyers, think that we, The Happy Couponers, are some sort of central shipping location for every coupon on the site.  If they order from multiple vendors and only part of their order shows up they come to us wondering why we left out half their coupons.  A message from you letting her know you’ve shipped XYZ coupons would help calm her fears.


It drastically reduces refunds… and refunds come out of YOUR pocket!


Every day we have to ‘close out’ the day’s orders.  If we don’t, you don’t get your money.  When we close those orders the customer automatically gets an email telling her her order entire has shipped, and 99.999% of the time it has.

However, as the site continues to grow and the USPS continues to provide crappier and crappier service, we get more and more emails from customers looking for their orders.

When that happens, the first thing we do is pull up their order and look for a comment note from you, to see if and when you shipped the order.

If there’s a note from you then we can generally immediately calm the customer and save the order.

If there’s no note from you then we have to email the customer to let her know we’re working on it, we have to email you to find out if you have any records on that order, we have to email the customer again to let her know what you said, we have to come back to you when she says you’re wrong, we have to go back to her with whatever proof you have and in the end, even if we’re right, we’ve pissed off a good customer who probably won’t shop with us ever again.

All that rigamaroll is a huge time suck – for you, us, and the customer.  At $1.50 or $2.50 a lot, it just makes more sense to keep the customer happy and give the her a refund – at least we know she’ll be back again.

And when we issue refunds – They Come Out Of YOUR Pocket.


And if that’s not reason enough to send all your customers a love note…


This ‘comment’ box in your Orders Report is one way you can personally connect with each of your customers every time they order.  And in a growing marketplace of dozens of other coupon clipping services, it’s one way you can make your shop stand out from the crowd.