How To Make Sure Your Coupons Are Seen

This page explains how your products appear on the site and what you can do to make them easier for customers to find. We’ll also give you some tips and guidelines on promoting your products and shop. As usual, absolute rules are in bold blue text.


The Happy Couponer Marketplace


Your products will always appear and be visible in the THCM Marketplace. Even if you don’t use any categories or tags. Even if you have spelling errors. Even if you forget to give them a price or set the inventory.

You can always edit your listings, any time you want, every time you want.

So don’t worry about making a mistake. Just get started!


A bit about our site and traffic


Around 60-75% of our customers arrive at The Happy Couponer Marketplace via a Google search for a specific manufacturers’ coupon. For this reason, it’s to your benefit to be specific in your Product Title.

Example: $.50/1 Dole Fruit Smoothie coupon exp. 6/5/2001

Use the keywords that people will be searching for in your product titles.


Once customers arrive on our site they have 5 ways to search:


  1. They simply start at the first page, scroll down to the bottom, and click on the pagination links to go to the next page.
  2. They use our “Search For Products” box and type in a manufacturer or product name.
  3. They click on the link for the specific insert they’re interested in.
  4.  They click on the Aisle by Aisle link for the type of product they’re interested in.


Let’s take a look at how these work.


Starting with the first page, products are sorted in the order they’re entered on the site. The most recently entered product goes to the top and everything moves down a spot.

As you enter your products you’ll see them at the top of the list and they’ll gradually move downward as you enter more products or as other vendors enter products. Don’t worry. Your products won’t ‘fall off the site.’ Your products will always be visible in the marketplace.

Our ‘Search for Products’ box is very flexible. When a customer types in any keyword it searches the entire site looking for that keyword in Product Titles and Descriptions. If you’ve mentioned that keyword anywhere in your listing, the customer will see your product in the search results.




The various insert dates and categories that you see in the Navigation Bar at the top are actually the categories you’ll use when setting up your products. Each week we’ll add new categories for that week’s inserts.

Categories are just one of the ways we can sort our products to make it easier for customers to search our site. This is how most customers search our site so at the very least always remember to give your products a category.

You may not add your own categories. You must use only those categories you’ll see in the category selection box when you’re submitting your product. If you feel you need a new category added to the list, email us at




Tags are just another way to sort products. The “Aisle By Aisle” links that you see in the right sidebar are actually the tags we use to sort products to make them easier for customers to find. This is the second most popular search method our customers use so it benefits you to give your products a tag.

You may not add your own tags. You must use only those categories you’ll see in the category selection box when you’re submitting your product. If you feel you need a new category added to the list, email us at


Your Price


THCM is not set up to charge for shipping.  Keep this in mind when pricing your products.

We’ve found that we can ship up to 70-75 coupons in a #10 envelope for a single stamp.  The highest shipping rate we’ve had so far was a little over $2 and that was for 400 coupons in one envelope.

How you price your products is entirely up to you.  At The Happy Couponer we’re committed to the free shipping and no minimum order requirements and we’ve been very successful with it.   (Read: Coupon Clipping Services: Us vs The Other Guys)

You, on the other hand, may have a different business plan and that’s fine with us.  Set your prices and promote your shop however you want.  After all, that’s what you did at Ebay and it must have worked or you wouldn’t be here.  Don’t worry.  We’re very capable of promoting The Marketplace in all sorts of scenarios.


Your Location


Your physical location will play a key role, just like it did on Ebay.

There are only so many coupons printed every week and many vendors will be selling the same coupons.  Price isn’t the only thing our customers look at.  Many are even more concerned about shipping times.  Be sure to include your turnaround time in your Shop Description but even more important – include at least the zip code you’ll be shipping from.

Very shortly we’ll be adding links in the right sidebar that will give our customers the ability to search for shops by geographical location.




The third most popular search method is the “Search for Products” box. Customers looking for a specific product use this box to search for keywords, such as “shampoo” or “ or “BIC” or “Hydroxycut”. Use keywords in your titles so your products appear in these search results.


Product Images


You may only use one image per product – 250 x 250 pixels.

Most of our customers search the site for keywords – not pictures.  At THCM we currently use an image of the product that’s advertised on the coupon or an image of the actual coupon, but you might prefer to use your shop logo.  Whatever image you choose, it must be no larger than 250 x 250 pixels and it must not mislead the customer.


Promoting Your Products


Each of your products has its own URL and you can promote this link anywhere. Use it on Twitter and Facebook or any of the other social networks and forums, or include it in emails.

Your shop also has its own unique URL which you can use for promotional purposes.

And each listing has sharing buttons so your customers can also help spread the word.