How can customers contact me directly?

Each of your listings at THCM has a prominent button the customer can click that takes them to a contact form so they can ask you a question.  This email will be delivered directly to the vendor’s email inbox, using the email address you provided when you created your account.

Customers are also able to contact you on the site by clicking the Private Message button that’s displayed above your profile.


However, before you answer that email…


It makes good business sense for you to respond to each and every email as quickly as possible.  However, you are not required to respond at all, and in some cases you might want to turn that email over to and let her handle it.


You are just one of many

Many of our customers are first-time buyers and don’t have a clue about THCM and how it operates.  They think they’re buying from one coupon clipping service.  They don’t understand they’re ordering from several individual coupon clippers located all across the country, and that none of those vendors has the ability to provide shipping information for their complete order.

These customers will inadvertently contact you at your busiest time and you’d have to drop everything to contact me to get an answer for their question.  It’s just easier for everybody, especially the customer, if all their questions come to me, first, because most of them will end up on my desk anyway.


You only know YOUR business

That customer may seem to have a perfectly legit complaint but you’re not the only vendor who’s dealt with her.  There are just as many ‘bad’ customers our there as there are ‘bad’ vendors.  Not every complaint or refund request is legit.  Because we see every customer question or complaint we’re able to track those ‘bad’ customers and keep them off the site, to the benefit of all our vendors and customers.


Appearances Count

In any business, professionalism counts for a lot, but it’s even more important when you’re selling online.  We want our customers to know that their is one real, live person out there who is solely responsible for answering their questions.  We want them to feel confident that their needs will be addressed and that they won’t be kept waiting while emails are forwarded and forwarded and forwarded again.