Help! Orders are disappearing from my Orders Report

You shipped all those orders yesterday and now they’ve disappeared from your Orders Report.  What happened?  Is there a problem with the website?  And more important – Will you still get paid for those orders?!?!

Don’t Panic!  Yes, you’ll still be paid and no, there’s nothing wrong with the site.

Only orders for listings that are published will appear on your orders report.  If your listing goes into DRAFT or is deleted from the site, that item no longer shows on your Orders Report.

BUT – you still need to ship the order AND you still get paid for it.

Every day we browse the site for coupons that are going to expire 3 -5 days out and we put those listings into Out of Stock status so they’re no longer visible to the customer.

This one act alone tremendously decreases refund requests from those customers who don’t take time to read the expiration date on the coupon listing.  They’re in a hurry to get that hot coupon and don’t bother to read all the information before they place their order.  They also think the US Postal Service can work miracles!

Listings that are in Out of Stock status will still appear on your Orders Report.

However, sometimes, for various reasons, we might put a listing into Draft instead of Out of Stock.  It doesn’t happen often but sometimes you’ll have an order disappear from your report because we put the listing into DRAFT right after a customer places a last-minute order.


What can you do?

If you need that order to come back to your Orders Report, simply edit that listing and click ‘Publish’.  Don’t forget – that listing is now visible to customers so you’ll want to take it back to DRAFT or TRASH again as soon as possible so it can’t be ordered.

You can also get that same order information from the order confirmation email you received, which includes the item(s), quantities and shipping address.


Don’t Worry!

Don’t panic.  YOU might not be able to see that order but we can.  We have access to much more information than you do and we even have a program in place that calculates your sales in real-time.  Nothing ‘disappears’ from this program unless we physically remove it and that never happens.

The only time we take any kind of deductions from your Paypal transfer is when we’ve issued a refund to a customer and this information is kept in a separate report, apart from your earnings, so your actual earnings are always visible.