Follow That Coupon Blogger!

A few days ago we talked about networking with the other coupon clippers on the site so you could exchange ideas and stay abreast of changes in the marketplace. But let’s say you learn about a hot coupon matchup from one of the other vendors. Where do you think they learned it? Most likely from one of their favorite coupon bloggers.


Coupon Blogs Are Valuable Business Resources


Networking with the other THCM vendors is helpful if you want to learn more about how the site works or how to market to our customer base. They’ll be able to offer suggestions on where to find inserts, how to set up your clipping area, how to price your coupons competitively, and how to keep adequate shipping records and track coupon trends.

But when it comes to what specific coupons the customers are looking for today – right this very minute – your best source of information is generally going to be a coupon blogger. They often see sneak previews of upcoming ads. They’re in the stores daily so they see the sales, test the coupons, and put together those sometimes complicated scenarios that let their readers walk out of the store with a loaded shopping cart that cost them absolutely zilch.

Follow an in-the-know coupon blogger and you’ll always know what coupons our customers are looking for – sometimes before they even start looking.


What you can learn from coupon bloggers?


  • Hot deals and matchup information for specific stores
  • Unadvertised specials
  • Changes in store coupon policies
  • What the people who use coupons are looking for and problems they’re having either finding and/or redeeming coupons


Which coupon bloggers should you follow?


Look for blogs that provide the following information:

Sneak peeks at upcoming ads – Most of the customers who shop with THCM on a regular basis know they’re going to have to wait for the USPS to deliver their coupons so they order coupons for next week’s deals.

Matchups that include information about the newspaper coupons – Almost every single coupon blogger will provide links to printable coupons because that’s how they make their money. Only the best will also tell their readers about the SS, RP and P & G coupons found in the Sunday paper.

Comprehensive information on one of the national chain stores – Right now our customers seem to respond most to Kroger, Publix, Giant Eagle, Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreen’s information.

It would be impossible for anyone to cover every single store effectively. with her fancy database looks nice but look a little closer. She rarely gives you detailed information like sale dates, but she does make sure she gets those links to the printable coupon in there so she can make her money every time you click ‘Print.” Look for a blogger who focuses on one store so you can get the real nitty-gritty.

Lots of comments – Lots of comments aren’t a necessity but couponers are a chatty group. Lots of comments means the blogger has an active, happy following and that means her information is reliable.


Some of Our Favorite Coupon Blogs


Giant Eagle –

Kroger –

Publix –


Walgreen’s –

Target –

Kmart, Walmart, Target –


Your Task For Today


Find at least 3 solid, reliable coupon blogs and…

Subscribe to their newsletters (And read them!)

Bookmark their homepage

Visit at least 3 times a week!


What are you looking for?


Look for ad ‘sneak peeks’ and coupon matchups!

Then, look to see if you have those coupons or if you can acquire them somehow.

Next, create a listing that includes that match-up information.

While you’re at it, take the time to consider your lot size and pricing.

Now, send me an email at so I can promote that listing!


And finally…


Leave a comment and tell us which coupon blogs you’re following!