Email One New Customer

Long ago we had time to spare to make personal contact with almost every customer who came through The Happy Couponer doors and it helped our business tremendously.  To this day customers still refer to us as Rockstars, even though we downplayed that reference with the new site design.  Email one new customer a day and start building your own brand.


Why personal contact is so important


We’re not naive.  We know our customers buy from other coupon clipping services.  In fact, most of them regularly buy from 3 or 4 services every week.

Coupon clipping sites are similar in that we all:

  • Carry the same coupons
  • Offer fast shipping
  • Charge something for our services

There are really only two reasons a customer will choose one site over another.  The first is inventory.  If she wants that coupon bad enough she’ll buy it from any site, at any price.  She may take some time to compare prices, but if it’s hot nationwide, she’ll buy it at the first place she sees it.

The second reason they’ll choose one site over another is relationship – how personally connected to the seller they feel.

The industry average for returning visitors to small websites (as opposed to larger sites like Amazon or Etsy or Ebay) is a mere 25%.  That means that out of every 100 people who visit our site, only 25 will return.  When you start calculating actual sales conversions rates in with that 25%, the number of visitors who return and place a second order drops dramatically.


The #1 Way to improve customer return rate is to increase and improve customer engagement.


 Engaging the Customer


In a regular blogging situation one of the best ways to engage your customer is by providing entertaining, informative content.  Think about the favorite blogs you read.

But with THMC, those entertaining articles aren’t what our visitors are looking for.  They’re looking for coupons and that’s it.  There’s really not much you can say about a $1/1 coupon that isn’t already being said on a dozen other coupon clipping sites, so what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Think about your own shopping experiences.  Personal relationships play a huge roll in all your shopping choices.   Even though the tire shop across town has a little higher prices you’re more likely to go there if you know the technician is going to take special care of your car because you know him personally.  You shop at the neighborhood market instead of the Big Box Grocery Store because the cashier knows you and pulls you into her line even though she knows you have a fistful of coupons.

The best way to get that fly-by customer to come back and buy again is to actually reach out, grab her by the arm, introduce yourself, and get to know each other – personally.  The next time she’s looking for coupons she’ll be more likely to remember you and your shop.


How to Reduce Refunds: Send every customer a Love NoteClick here to see how to send every customer a love note, every time they order.  Hint:  It’s quick and easy, it helps you bond with your customers, and ...It helps reduce your refunds! 


Things To Do Today


Email one new customer today, a first-time buyer in your shop.

Use her first name in your greeting.

Introduce yourself and thank her for her purchase.

Tell her a little about yourself and your service.  Keep it short and sweet.

Say something relevant to her purchase that leaves the door open for her to reply.  For example,

I see you picked up the Bush’s Chili Beans coupon today.  Did you find a good sale on them somewhere?  I’m thinking it’s time to start stocking up myself, now that the weather’s turning cooler.  If you need a good chili recipe, let me know 🙂

Then close with your name and a link to your shop and something fun, like “Happy Couponing” or “See ya round the stockpile!”


Put this on your Daily To-Do List


Email one new customer every day.  Add this to your Daily To-Do List.  Why only one?  Because you’re going to write a unique, personalized letter for this task and if you try to do more than one a day it will quickly become a burdensome chore that you hurry to complete and because you hurried your letter will be crappy and ineffective!