Connect With That Coupon Blogger!

Yesterday we talked about following a coupon blogger. Today we’re going to talk about making an actual connection with that blogger because when you add those bloggers to your professional network everybody benefits – in so many ways!


What kind of ‘connection’ are we talking about?


It’s not complicated. All you really need to do is start commenting on those blogs or Facebook pages you follow instead of being a nameless, silent lurker.

Leave valuable comments – don’t just say “Thanks for the info” or “Nice post!” That blogger actually wants to communicate with you – that’s why there’s a place for comments on her blog.

For example, if the post is about a great deal on Dove Body Wash if you use the Target Cartwheel coupon, you could leave a comment explaining how the deal is even sweeter when you stack it with a manufacturer’s Q..

Don’t say, “Hey, I have coupons for this and you can buy them in my shop!” No blogger likes to have someone leave promotional comments.

Instead, leave a comment that says, “Hey, there was a manufacturer’s Q for $1 off in the 12/14 SS.” This makes you look like someone who’s trying to be helpful – which you are.

Eventually, all the other people who read that blog and leave comments are going to start to recognize your name. They’ll start to ask you questions, like “Do you know where I can find some of those coupons?”

The blogger will also start to recognize your name and may even contact you to thank you for being so helpful.

Once people start asking you questions, it’s time to contact the blogger to see if she minds if you answer questions and talk about your coupon clipping service. A lot of coupon bloggers don’t want to have any references to clipping services on their site. For one thing, they’re afraid of the legalities (pfffffft!) and for another, they make all their money off of printable coupons and if people buy their coupons from you they won’t need the printables.

But a wise coupon blogger will recognize the value you’d add to her blog – especially if you’ve been offering up valuable comments for a while. Her readers are always going to use printable coupons – that’s why they started following her – and they’re also buying dozens of Sunday papers every week – and she knows it.

Now she’s also offering them a way to get bulk quantities of newspaper Q’s without having to buy all those newspapers.


The Benefits


The benefits for you – You get more exposure for your coupon clipping service.

The benefits for the blogger – She has something of value – your comments, questions and answers – to share with her readers.

The benefits for the readers/customers – They learn how to get bulk quantities of newspaper coupons without paying for all those Sunday papers.


How to Leave a Comment that Includes Your Shop Link


This is what the comment form looks like on most blogs:

Comment form



  1. Use your full, real name, not some funky screen name you use when you’re playing online games.
  2. Use your real email address so the blogger can contact you if she wants to.
  3. When you use your shop link your name becomes a clickable link when your comment is published. People who want to know who you are can click on your name and they’ll go directly to your shop. (For information about finding and using your shop link, watch “How To Share the Link to Your Shop” on the How-To Videos page.)
  4. Type in your valuable words of wisdom and click ‘Submit’.

Here’s a Tip: Ask a question in your comment every now and then. It’s great to be the expert but asking intelligent questions also attracts attention. AND… the blogger has to answer you which means she’ll remember your name, now.

Note: In some cases your comment may not be immediately visible on the blog. Some bloggers like to read the comments before they’re published just to make sure you’re not a scammer.


It’s not an instantaneous connection


Building a relationship like this doesn’t happen overnight. It might take 2 or 3 comments over the course of a week or it might take a dozen comments over the course of a month. But it does happen and it’s well worth the effort.

We’ve connected with Suzzie Brown of “Save With Suzzie” on our Facebook page. She promotes THCM to her quickly growing audience and we promote her Facebook page to our followerss. In the middle of all that sharing both of our followers get plenty of couponing tips and matchups. Many of them had never heard of THCM or even coupon clipping services – so everybody wins!


Start Building Blogger Connections


Now that you’ve found a few blogs to follow it’s time to start building some connections. Choose one blog and get started today!

Leave a valuable comment three times a week on that blog. Join in the conversation and have some fun – we know you love talking about coupons!

Be sure to use your full name, your email address and the link to your shop.

If that blogger also has a Facebook page, follow it, Like it, and join in the conversation there, too.

It’s going to take a while to make these connections so don’t expect overnight results. But do stop back here and let us know how you’re doing 🙂