Can I sell my coupons directly to customers?

We work very hard to maintain THCM so it runs smoothly whenever you’re ready to list.

We also work hard – every day – to promote the site, to bring in traffic, to answer your questions and to take care of customer problems you’ll never even hear about.

We also pay an enormous fee every month just to keep the site up and running and we pay an additional monthly fee to maintain our newsletter subscription list.

So, no, you may not use our site to promote your coupons to our customers and then bypass it when it comes time to collect the money.   Our fees are extremely reasonable and the service we provide is much more than you’d get anywhere else – including Ebay.

If we find you taking advantage of us we’ll delete your shop immediately, you’ll forfeit any commissions you have pending,  and you can go find out just how difficult it is to set up and grow your own website!