Can I contact the customer myself?

You’re more than welcome to contact the customer if you’d like.  However, it’s our job to make your life easier so you can sell more coupons instead of dealing with problems.

We’ve found that most sellers are afraid they’re going to make US angry so they bend over backwards for the customer, often offering refunds and Priority Shipping when it’s not really necessary, and all of these bennies come out of your own pocket.

It’s hard enough to make a profit when your product sells for a buck and some change, but when you’re giving away the shop just to keep US happy it’s gonna be almost impossible.

One:  We are not your boss or your employer.  Run your business any way you like – just don’t piss off our customers.

Two:  If you think you’re right and you’re afraid of pissing off the customer, let us handle it.  That’s what we’re here for!

Three:  If we find out you’re contacting customers and taking business off of the site we’ll immediately delete your shop and keep any fees you have pending.