Build Your Brand with a Shop Banner

Signs and banners not only help attract attention to your shop, they ‘brand’ your business into the customer’s mind and help differentiate you from the countless others who provide the same product you provide.

Do You Need a Banner in Your Shop?

Everybody who sells at The Happy Couponer Marketplace sells coupons, either clipped coupons or whole inserts.  Pick any specific coupon and you’ll find 4 or 5 vendors all selling the exact same coupon.  They may have different lot sizes or prices, but it’s still the exact same coupon.  A banner will help differentiate your shop from all the others who sell the same thing.

Why You Should Have a Banner in Your Shop

Most customers who come to THCM shops the exact same way:  They look at the pictures before they read the words.  Especially new customers who don’t yet know how our site works.   It’s natural and you do it, too.  Images will always grab more attention than text.

Having a banner at the top of your shop grabs the customer’s attention as soon as they land on your page.   If they find what they’re looking for they’re going to remember your shop by the image on your banner – NOT by any words you type in the Shop Description field.

And even if they don’t find what they’re looking for they’ll remember that they’ve been in your shop before so you must be a long-time seller instead of a newbie they might not be able to trust.

What Should Your Banner Look Like?

In this case, size matters!  Your banner must be 1200 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.  Period.  Anything smaller or larger will appear distorted on the site.

Image matters, too!  Use a clear image that tells the customer something about your service.  Do you specialize in tobacco coupons or baby coupons or Peelies?  Do you always offer free priority shipping?  Are you the largest retailer of whole inserts or are you always the first to have the newest coupons?

Or maybe you have a unique shop name, like Kitty Kat Coupons.  Your banner could have a cute kitten on it to tie in with your name.

There are countless marketing and branding articles on the web to give you more information about designing a banner for your shop.  Take some time to find out what works.

And don’t worry.  You can always change your banner if you come up with a better idea!

How to Add a Banner to Your Shop