30 Day Challenge to Double Your Sales

Jessica and I take our responsibility to THCM vendors very seriously.  We firmly believe it’s our duty to do everything in our power to eliminate obstacles and help you be as successful as you want to be.

Some say we’re not savvy enough when it comes to the financial end of the business.  But our philosophy has always been:  Take care of the customers, take care of the vendors, and the money will take care of itself, and so far it’s worked.

Well, we’ve been taking care of the customers for almost two years, now.  Now it’s time for us to focus on you.

Everyday I think of 2 or 3 things I should be sharing with all the vendors.  Little things that would make your listings more attractive, or help increase your credibility with our visitors or help you bring in more traffic and sales. Unfortunately, as our customer base continues to grow, I have less and less time to devote to daily emails and newsletters.

Now, I could put all of these sage words of online marketing wisdom into some humongous ebook and send it out to all of you but most of you wouldn’t take the time (or have the time) to read it, and those of you who did would probably just get bored after the first couple of pages and give up.

Over the years I’ve followed several 30-Day Challenges, and even written a few myself.  I’ve found that the secret to their success is this:

The best way to teach anyone to do anything and have it stick is to teach them one step at a time, in small doses, and include actionable steps that reinforce the day’s lesson.

Hence, the THCM 30-Day Challenge to Double Your Sales.

Bookmark This Page NOW!

Before you do anything else – Bookmark this page.  Over the next month or so I’m going to give you at least 30 posts chock full of information geared strictly to help you double your sales at THCM.  Each time I publish a new post I’ll link to it below.  By the end of the 30-Day Challenge this page will be a full index to everything we discuss.

Do you need a THCM shop to participate?  Yes, indeed you do.  But if you don’t already have one, don’t panic.  We’ll help you set one up during one of the first few lessons.

The THCM 30-Day Challenge to Double Your Sales kicks off on Monday, October 20.  Everything will be posted here on this blog and it will be available forever so you can work through it at your own pace.  Some of the steps are easy-peasy and some a bit more complicated and time consuming.

But I promise you this:  If you make the commitment and follow this Challenge you WILL learn something and even if it’s just a teeny bit, everything you learn will help you build a more successful coupon clipping business in The Happy Couponer Marketplace.

And FYI – Jessica and I are going to be following this Challenge right along with you to see if we can double our sales, too.  Even an old dog who knows all the tricks needs a refresher course every now and then.

OK.  Class dismissed.  Meet me back here on Monday and somebody bring donuts :)


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